The primary service of SAS is to provide technical labor for live events and TV/film shoots. The SAS crew has garnered a reputation over the years for having better skills, a better attitude, and a better work ethic than other crews working in and around Los Angeles. These characteristics are what set our services above the competition, and have given us an industry-wide reputation as the quality labor company in Los Angeles. Our clients enjoy a high level of confidence that their shows will not only be staffed with a high quality crew, but that they will stay within budget and accomplish their working goals for each call. One might think that this quality must be reflected in our rates – but to the contrary our costs are often less than our competition. We are often asked where does this quality come from – and the answer is two primary things.

First and foremost – our hiring process includes testing procedures to ensure that our staff have both high level skills and more importantly the right attitude and approach to the job. SAS does not engage in referral-based hiring or nepotism like our competition. Our crew are career technicians who are seeking advancement and therefore approach work as a vocation rather than just a job. No task is beneath them – nor is any task beyond them. Many of our crew have matriculated into working at the highest levels of production in Los Angeles – shows like the Oscars, Grammys, MTV Awards, The Voice, American Idol and so on.

Secondly – we are the house crew at a small venue  – the Orpheum Theatre – which does very high level productions utilizing smaller crews calls. What this means is that every crew member is relied upon to accomplish the work call using top level equipment and must have the requisite skills required. While arena based companies provide 60-100 crew who are primarily utilized to unload trucks and move road-cases in and out of the venue, our typical calls are 6-20 crew who start by unloading trucks and then continue to set up the stage, run the show, and take it down at the end.

While there are several companies to choose from in the Los Angeles market, our labor services are very different in several key ways that will make your show go smoother and keep your costs lower. Please email or call to receive rate sheets and to find out the difference a higher quality crew can make to your production.



SAS has developed a full-spectrum operational management platform that includes: booking and client relations, box office and front-of-house operations, technical staffing and management, as well as facility and physical infrastructure operations – maintenance and renovation. Engaging SAS to consult for your organization using this management platform will allow for leaner operational overhead, greater profitability, and less seasonal risk. The realm of professional relationships and associations that SAS leverages include enduring contacts with top national, regional, and local promoters, Broadway and internationally-based theatrical production companies, film and television producers, as well as location managers and production supervisors.

The advent of an improved operational management platform can allow an organization the opportunity to present a new face to the market and to national and local media. The SAS platform includes both public relations, marketing, and sponsorship components that assist in repositioning your organization effectively in its market, while positively enhancing its public profile.